at the {Heart} of it

1. Brian and I are hosting our second annual St. Patrick’s Day Party tomorrow! I am so excited to be outside celebrating the holiday that I most strongly equate with the beginning of Spring. Hello 70 degree weather in Dallas!

2. I am officially re-doing our guest room and turning it in to my office space! Ahh! I am so, so excited for this DIY project and can’t wait to see the finished result. Look for before and after pictures next week. I am pinning all sorts of inspiration to my Pinterest board, and am welcoming any and all advice and tips on how to transform a space (primarily if these tips involve the best ways to sand/prime/paint furniture). Help, please!

3. All this uproar in the blogoshere about the end of Google Reader does not phase me at all. I’ve been a Bloglovin fan since I began this blog, and you should hop on the bandwagon! It’s a great way to have all your favorites in one space, and to be able to organize all the different types of blogs you follow. While you are at it, follow me!

4. Happy Birthday to one of my absolute favorite people! Lindsey is one of those friends that is genuine, kind, easy to talk to, and SO much fun! I became fast friends with her, and now count her as one of my very best (albeit) long distance friends. I hope you have the best day celebrating with Kris & crew, Linds! Lots of love!

5. Blog love of the week: Shutterbean! I love the vivid pictures with fantastic lighting, the utterly delicious recipes and the “I love Lists Friday” series. Because, let’s be honest, don’t we all love lists, deep down inside? No? Well, we certainly all love waffles (with bacon!!) and sweet potato fries, so this blog is a win.

6. I’ve also learned about this resource this week, and I am loving the wealth of information provided on the site. Need an example? This article is straight forward and useful…especially considering the musings I’ve been having lately regarding my blog/blogging.

7. That said, I have some exciting changes coming to my blog in the near future, so stay tuned!

8. Cheers to Weekending, xoxo

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Tastes & Travel {Stampede 66}

Pass the fork, I am ready to eat.

Welcome to Stampede 66, Stephan Pyles’ newest gift to the Dallas community. This restaurant is equal parts eatery and experience, with both living up to your senses’ expectations. Want some bread to begin your meal? Not a problem. Stampede 66 offers Shiner Bock bread that comes in the can, before the top is popped and the bread falls out the bottom. Um. Cool. Want to wash down your bread with a margarita? Not a problem, Stampede 66 makes their margaritas table side with dry ice, so you not only get a refreshment, but a show to go with it. Nice.

With it’s utterly Texas flair, and charming Texas quotes that play along the walls in a rotating fashion, each patron is bound to leave not only full but fully immersed in a truly Texan way of life. Next time you find yourself looking for some down-home Texas food, with a Dallas spin, check this place out. It will not disappoint.

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A Delicate Statement

I love bright colors, bold cuts, and unique lines when it comes to the clothing I wear; but for jewelry, I believe the best statement is an understatement. I love all pieces delicate and feminine. This penchant for the minimalist look began on our honeymoon, when Brian bought me a beautifully simple cross necklace (similar here) to remember our honeymoon by. Not a week goes by that I do not wear that necklace now, I just love it. That is why, upon finding the lines of Ariel Gordon and Maya Brenner I became an instant fan. I love the whimsical Menagerie line Ariel Gordon offers; and the Monogrammed pieces from Maya Brenner’s collection. These pieces can be worn on both casual and formal occasions, offering a subtle twist to the traditional monogram, or a creative ode to a fanciful nickname (Brian always calls me Teddy…). However, these pieces are a bit of a splurge, so I have found boutiques like Stella and Dot and BaubleBar offering affordable versions of the style I have come to love.

What is your go-to statement look for jewelry?

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Gone Girl {a book review}

Taking place in America’s Heartland, nestled in a quiet town along the Mississippi River, Gone Girl is anything but ordinary. This book vividly depicts a broken marriage spiraling out of control in the midst of a murder investigation. It is a captivating page-turner, with an ingenious way of presenting the story from two different perspectives. And while the reader may assume they have solved the mystery within the first one hundred pages; they will think again when they continue reading. Plot twists and unexpected discoveries along the way keep the reader engaged and guessing until the very last page. Gillian Flynn does not miss a beat in detailing this modern-day thriller with its utterly damaged yet disturbingly realistic protagonists, and I would definitely recommend this read.

My Little Dog

My little dog–a heartbeat at my feet.

–Edith Wharton

The Weekend {In Pictures}

at the Heart of it

1. I am such a summer-y girl; there is really nothing I love more than being barefoot on the beach. While I do enjoy skiing, I would take warm days, sunglasses and flip-flops, over cold and cloudy days anytime. Summer, please hurry up?!

2. With the help and creative skills of my friend Alessandra, I revamped my blog this week! I am loving the new look, the original title, and the fresh start. What do you think?!

3. I also may or may not have cried watching (for the first time) The Biggest Loser, while running at the gym on Monday night. Yes, that is right. On the treadmill. Actual tears. #inspired

4. Last night, Brian and I ate here, courtesy of my sweet sister’s Christmas present to us. I seriously loved the atmosphere, the food, and the very-Texas charm. Thank you so much, Abbie!!  P.S. Brian, can you be home every week?!

5. And speaking of food, this is going to be quite the foodie weekend for us. Tonight, Brian is cashing in on a friendly bet he won, and we will be dining here. Tomorrow, I think this treat is on the menu, and I am hoping to cook up something delicious on Sunday. Yum!

6. Blog crush of the week: here we go! I love the wealth of information shopping ideas provided on this site, and am already excited to use it as a resource for gift ideas! Let’s also talk about how obsessed I am with her “Home Tour”. L O V E.

7. We found out this week that we have been placed in a Foundation Group (for young married couples) at Watermark! I am thrilled to begin getting to know other people in our stage of life, and to really grow closer as a couple. Blessed & pumped.

8. Congratulations to Brian and Jared on their company’s first investment! I am so proud of my very entrepreneurial husband, and look forward to all of the great things to come with this new venture!

9. Happy Weekending, cheers to Friday! xo

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