Farewell, Winter

There is something so invigorating about the change of seasons, and well, for me, change in general. I love switching it up, rejecting routine, and taking on the unknown ahead of me. And when it comes to a new season, I just love changing up my wardrobe. There is nothing better than a freshly organized and revived closet (ok, ok, there are actually a lot of better things, however for the sake of this post…). But before I delve in to Spring trends, bright patterns, and fun sandals, I would like to take the time to say a fashion farewell to Winter, and the trends we will not see again for ten months (I do live in the South, after all).

One // Two // Three

For me, Winter fashion consists of basics, worn over and over again. There is rarely a day you will not see me wearing boots during the colder months–often those with 3-4″ heels (I am so practical, after all). I also frequently sport outerwear (like the jacket above) that is fashionable enough to be considered a top in of itself–because even in Texas, I get too cold to shed the jacket I am wearing. Lastly, I am all about winter accessories, like an infinity scarf which serves both a fashionable and practical purpose, and undoubtedly adds dimension and a pop of color to any look.

Though I am excited to be storing my boots, and tucking away my coats and scarves, I will miss Winter with all its cozy charm, and come December, I will look forward to layering up with some of my favorite looks once again.

Onward to Spring!

photo cred: {24.media.tumblr.com, nordstrom.com}


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