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A Delicate Statement

I love bright colors, bold cuts, and unique lines when it comes to the clothing I wear; but for jewelry, I believe the best statement is an understatement. I love all pieces delicate and feminine. This penchant for the minimalist look began on our honeymoon, when Brian bought me a beautifully simple cross necklace (similar here) to remember our honeymoon by. Not a week goes by that I do not wear that necklace now, I just love it. That is why, upon finding the lines of Ariel Gordon and Maya Brenner I became an instant fan. I love the whimsical Menagerie line Ariel Gordon offers; and the Monogrammed pieces from Maya Brenner’s collection. These pieces can be worn on both casual and formal occasions, offering a subtle twist to the traditional monogram, or a creative ode to a fanciful nickname (Brian always calls me Teddy…). However, these pieces are a bit of a splurge, so I have found boutiques like Stella and Dot and BaubleBar offering affordable versions of the style I have come to love.

What is your go-to statement look for jewelry?

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Farewell, Winter

There is something so invigorating about the change of seasons, and well, for me, change in general. I love switching it up, rejecting routine, and taking on the unknown ahead of me. And when it comes to a new season, I just love changing up my wardrobe. There is nothing better than a freshly organized and revived closet (ok, ok, there are actually a lot of better things, however for the sake of this post…). But before I delve in to Spring trends, bright patterns, and fun sandals, I would like to take the time to say a fashion farewell to Winter, and the trends we will not see again for ten months (I do live in the South, after all).

One // Two // Three

For me, Winter fashion consists of basics, worn over and over again. There is rarely a day you will not see me wearing boots during the colder months–often those with 3-4″ heels (I am so practical, after all). I also frequently sport outerwear (like the jacket above) that is fashionable enough to be considered a top in of itself–because even in Texas, I get too cold to shed the jacket I am wearing. Lastly, I am all about winter accessories, like an infinity scarf which serves both a fashionable and practical purpose, and undoubtedly adds dimension and a pop of color to any look.

Though I am excited to be storing my boots, and tucking away my coats and scarves, I will miss Winter with all its cozy charm, and come December, I will look forward to layering up with some of my favorite looks once again.

Onward to Spring!

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Oh, What a Night!

There is no one that loves the glamour of the Oscar’s Red Carpet quite like my sister. But I must say, I also enjoy seeing the fashion choices: those that brave a daring look, those that choose to keep it classic, and everyone in between. See a few of my favorite looks from the night below:

One of my favorite looks of the night was the full gowns. I love how Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, and Amy Adams embraced this classic silhouette for a look of simple elegance. Yet, at the same time, each actress put her own spin on the classic lines to make the look unique: Jennifer Lawrence opting for a more fitted gown, Jennifer Aniston creating a multi-dimensional look through the folds of fabric, and Amy Adams using texture to set her gown apart. Continue reading

Lady in Lace

Milly // Joie // Alice + Olivia

Everything about lace defies what I consider my personal style. Lace is intricate, delicate and classic. My style is centered around bold patterns, simple lines, and whimsical details (i.e. bows and ruffles). That said, my favorite piece of clothing that I have ever owned–my wedding dress–has a beautiful lace bodice that was the perfect finishing touch to a dress I love so much. So, I guess you could say lace is sentimental to me, and I am becoming quite the advocate of the dimension it adds to every sort of article of clothing. Check out some of my favorite lace picks below:

Vince Camuto // Topshop // Adrianna Papell

What are some styles, fabrics, or trends that you have come around to after some time?

New Heights

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a tall girl. And I will never forget the weeks and months (even years) of embarrassment over my height in middle school and early high school. I would slouch constantly, never wanting to feel tall and gangly in comparison to my peers. That all changed my sophomore year when my mom enrolled me in a modeling class. All of the sudden I was around people who were tall and confident with their height. I began to wear high heels. And have not stopped since.

My favorite look this Spring is neutral heels; they can be paired with bright and bold colors, or with understated basics. They are fresh, bright and a perfect alternative to black as lighter colors overtake the wardrobe in the coming weeks and months.

(1) I love this strappy shoe that can be dressed up or down. (2) This classic pump is a must-have for the office. (3) And this glitzy heel adds a little “umph” to any outfit.

Cheers to high heels and new heights!

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Feeling Blue

Growing up, I always told my mom that I have my entire life to wear neutrals, so I was going to wear bright, bold colors while I could. And as the years slowly quickly pass by, this mentality has not changed. I love color; vibrant, cheerful, and exciting. It is because of this love of color, that I am so happy to see the monochromatic and color blocking trends continue on this Spring. One of my favorites? Bright and beautiful blue.

This dress is my go-to statement piece for a weekend brunch, a night with the girls, or simply dressed down with sandals for an afternoon exploring the City with Brian. These shoes are on my wish list, like, in the distant future. But aren’t they SO fun?! I would sleep in these shoes. Swear. These earrings are the perfect addition to any outfit. A pop of color for a day in the office, or the perfect complement to a bright pink or yellow blouse. Also on my wish list.  This eye cream is worth every penny. Seriously. I look forward to its soothing feel as I lather it on under my eyes each night, and can’t wait to see the brightening effect it has had each morning. Try it. Promise you’ll love it.

What are your favorite colors this Spring?

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Fashionable Frill

I’ve got some great news for all of the girly-girls out there. This spring, feminine frill is IN. Yes! Frill, both structured ruffles and whimsical layers, is something that I always gravitate towards while shopping for a new piece or outfit. It adds dimension to a look and is innately fanciful.

Frill is fun and flattering, and this season, its fashionable! Time to get the look: Continue reading