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Tastes & Travel {Stampede 66}

Pass the fork, I am ready to eat.

Welcome to Stampede 66, Stephan Pyles’ newest gift to the Dallas community. This restaurant is equal parts eatery and experience, with both living up to your senses’ expectations. Want some bread to begin your meal? Not a problem. Stampede 66 offers Shiner Bock bread that comes in the can, before the top is popped and the bread falls out the bottom. Um. Cool. Want to wash down your bread with a margarita? Not a problem, Stampede 66 makes their margaritas table side with dry ice, so you not only get a refreshment, but a show to go with it. Nice.

With it’s utterly Texas flair, and charming Texas quotes that play along the walls in a rotating fashion, each patron is bound to leave not only full but fully immersed in a truly Texan way of life. Next time you find yourself looking for some down-home Texas food, with a Dallas spin, check this place out. It will not disappoint.

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Tastes & Travel {Beaver Creek Resort}

This year, Brian and I “discovered” Beaver Creek Ski Resort. While this is arguably one of the best places to ski in Colorado, it was brand new to us as of a month ago. However, it has already topped our list of favorite places to ski–surpassing both Vail and Breckenridge, the other resorts we frequent. But what makes Beaver so great? Well for starters, look at that view! Beaver Creek is tucked in to the mountains allowing for a panoramic view that is nothing short of spectacular. It literally takes your breath away. Also, for someone like me (read: a beginner/intermediate skier desperately trying to improve), the steep grade of most runs at Beaver allows for a distinct challenge and limited options for taking the “easy way out”. In two days at Beaver Creek this season, I feel as though I have improved significantly more than two seasons at Breckenridge. Thirdly, because it is further West on I-70 than several other resorts, Beaver Creek tends to stay less busy, and the lift lines are noticeably shorter.

For a resort who’s self-proclaimed motto is “Not Exactly Roughing It“, this ski town is all that it is chalked up to be and more. We are looking forward to spending more days on the slopes here next season, as well as spending some time exploring the {luxurious} village. So long, ski season–and Beaver Creek–until next year!

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Tastes & Travel {Smoke}

In Dallas, weekend brunch is a way of life. Many Dallasites create their entire weekend agendas around this experience. And then, there are bottomless mimosas. Yes, they are, in fact, as dangerous as they sound. As brunch spots go, in my humble opinion (shared by my husband), there is no where better to experience this Dallas phenomenon than at Smoke.

This restaurant is iconic Texas with all the flavors, scents, and surroundings that all of you out-of-staters could imagine in a down-home Texas barbeque joint. It’s comfortable, welcoming, and even has family portraits on the wall (channeling, in my opinion, awkward family photos). Take a chance on The Full Monte while sipping a Bloody Mary (both pictured above). Or maybe delight your senses with the taste and texture of the Heavy Handed Blueberry & House Made Ricotta Cheese Pancakes (my personal favorite!!). And you definitely can not lose with the Smoked Brisket Cornbread Hash.  So sit back, sip a mimosa, and take a taste of Texas at this popular brunch spot!

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Tastes & Travel {Mr. Mesero}

Welcome to Texas, home of the (in)famous Tex-Mex. It seems all the time new restaurants are popping up in Dallas offering similar yet slightly individualized takes on this highly popular cuisine. You won’t find any complaints here. Enter: Mr. Mesero. One of my neighborhoods newest, most enticing, Tex-Mex options. Between the creatively bite-sized nachos (above), the deliciously dangerous margaritas (below), and the bright, festive atmosphere, this place is a must-try for those on the hunt for tasty Tex-Mex.

I spent a night this week with dear friends laughing and catching up over dinner at Mr. Mesero, and was reminded of all the reasons I love Dallas so much (I was surrounded by four of them), and ok…maybe some killer fajitas, too. Here’s to Tex-Mex!

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Tastes & Travel {Valentine’s Day Edition}

Let’s talk love.

I love love. Of all kinds. I love my family, love my friends, and most especially love my husband. {Shout out to my long-distance Valentine: I love you, B!} And, I mean, what is better than a day celebrating this feeling, virtue, commitment? Commitment. That is an essential quality of love. In this light, love is a decision and includes the attributes of patience, kindness, trust, humbleness, selflessness and forgiveness (read: I Corinthians 13). Love is to be celebrated, and is truly a gift from God.

Ok, ok. End of sappy love talk. Time to talk good food. Continue reading

Tastes & Travel {Olive Fusion: A Tasting Room}

There is nothing quite as cozy as a weekend getaway in the mountains. Brian and I love our winter trips to Breckenridge to go skiing and hang out with our friends. And while the majority of the time is spent on the slopes or lounging around the house, this past weekend I tried something new. Thanks to the suggestion of my friend Kristen, my mom, sister-in-law, and I found ourselves exploring Olive Fusion. Continue reading

Tastes & Travel {A Furniture Boutique}

Welcome to Hess, my latest Dallas find. I am already smitten. This small boutique offers bright, bold, and contemporary pieces for the home, as well as a welcoming atmosphere and a plethora of ideas to take with you on how to revitalize your living space. Whether looking for a fashionable coffee table book, or an arm-chair to set the tone for your room, this is a great boutique to begin (and end!) your search.

It’s located in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Lakewood, right next to my salon, Blow, and across the street from Whole Foods. Needless to say, I don’t need an excuse to spend an afternoon wandering aimlessly through this delightful part of town.

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