Thoughts on Blogging

I began blogging in 2008 as a way to document my time and travel abroad while living and studying in Madrid, Spain. After returning to the good ol’ USA and diving in to my senior year at SMU, I quickly became much more enthused with the world around me (and one certain guy…) than keeping up with cyberspace. That all changed with an abrupt move to Cleveland, Ohio after graduation where I knew no one and struggled finding a job—back to blogging I went. And I have been blogging first here, then here, and finally here ever since. I have loved this outlet and the way it acts as a record for all of the adventures, life changes, and little moments I have experienced throughout the last three years. It’s a scrapbook; a little bit of me.

But it is also a struggle. I am constantly re-evaluating why I blog. Why do I put my life on display not really knowing who is reading about it, on any given day? Why do I share incredibly meaningful and introspective thoughts on one post, and turn around and share my favorite fashion trend or recipe on the next? The truth is, I do not have an answer. I simply blog because I love to write. I process life best by writing it down, expressing my thoughts and emotions through words on a page (if you are wondering: why yes, I am that girl who has had a diary—ahem, journal—throughout her life).  I blog because I love looking back at old posts and seeing everything from God’s goodness and provision (getting me through a difficult time), to seeing my confidence in the kitchen grow as I challenge myself with new recipes. I suppose that, like my real life, my blog is multi-dimensional. I have lighthearted interests, but I also have deep and fundamental beliefs. I have a 9-5 Corporate America career, but I am also so captivated by adventure, new challenges and bucking routine. Bottom line: I love this outlet, I love the blog community, and I love the creativity that is cultivated through blogging.

So, thank you for stopping by. Thank you for reading about my life, and “listening” to my tangents every now and again. This blog, like myself, is fanciful yet fervent; reflective and also blithe. This blog is just me.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Blogging

  1. ashmowrey

    Becca, you the cutest! And after blog-stalking you pretty comprehensively, I have to say that you are SO incredibley talented!. Your writing is so relatable, honest, funny, clever, and brilliant! You are awesome:)

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