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Gone Girl {a book review}

Taking place in America’s Heartland, nestled in a quiet town along the Mississippi River, Gone Girl is anything but ordinary. This book vividly depicts a broken marriage spiraling out of control in the midst of a murder investigation. It is a captivating page-turner, with an ingenious way of presenting the story from two different perspectives. And while the reader may assume they have solved the mystery within the first one hundred pages; they will think again when they continue reading. Plot twists and unexpected discoveries along the way keep the reader engaged and guessing until the very last page. Gillian Flynn does not miss a beat in detailing this modern-day thriller with its utterly damaged yet disturbingly realistic protagonists, and I would definitely recommend this read.


Book Review {Unbroken}

I just finished my first read of 2013. I know, I know, it took me long enough, but let me just tell you: this book was worth every minute spent reading it. From cover to cover, Unbroken is riveting, shocking, and inspiring. Laura Hillenbrand presents the story (read: unbelievable facts) in a way that engages you and makes you feel as though you are bearing witness firsthand to the atrocities Louis Zamperini and his fellow allies endured. However, laced throughout the stories of absolute horror and tragedy, is an unwavering hope that Louie never lost sight of, and an ultimate peace that he found through Faith.

Pick this book up, seriously.