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at the {Heart} of it

1. Brian and I are hosting our second annual St. Patrick’s Day Party tomorrow! I am so excited to be outside celebrating the holiday that I most strongly equate with the beginning of Spring. Hello 70 degree weather in Dallas!

2. I am officially re-doing our guest room and turning it in to my office space! Ahh! I am so, so excited for this DIY project and can’t wait to see the finished result. Look for before and after pictures next week. I am pinning all sorts of inspiration to my Pinterest board, and am welcoming any and all advice and tips on how to transform a space (primarily if these tips involve the best ways to sand/prime/paint furniture). Help, please!

3. All this uproar in the blogoshere about the end of Google Reader does not phase me at all. I’ve been a Bloglovin fan since I began this blog, and you should hop on the bandwagon! It’s a great way to have all your favorites in one space, and to be able to organize all the different types of blogs you follow. While you are at it, follow me!

4. Happy Birthday to one of my absolute favorite people! Lindsey is one of those friends that is genuine, kind, easy to talk to, and SO much fun! I became fast friends with her, and now count her as one of my very best (albeit) long distance friends. I hope you have the best day celebrating with Kris & crew, Linds! Lots of love!

5. Blog love of the week: Shutterbean! I love the vivid pictures with fantastic lighting, the utterly delicious recipes and the “I love Lists Friday” series. Because, let’s be honest, don’t we all love lists, deep down inside? No? Well, we certainly all love waffles (with bacon!!) and sweet potato fries, so this blog is a win.

6. I’ve also learned about this resource this week, and I am loving the wealth of information provided on the site. Need an example? This article is straight forward and useful…especially considering the musings I’ve been having lately regarding my blog/blogging.

7. That said, I have some exciting changes coming to my blog in the near future, so stay tuned!

8. Cheers to Weekending, xoxo

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