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Tastes & Travel {Stampede 66}

Pass the fork, I am ready to eat.

Welcome to Stampede 66, Stephan Pyles’ newest gift to the Dallas community. This restaurant is equal parts eatery and experience, with both living up to your senses’ expectations. Want some bread to begin your meal? Not a problem. Stampede 66 offers Shiner Bock bread that comes in the can, before the top is popped and the bread falls out the bottom. Um. Cool. Want to wash down your bread with a margarita? Not a problem, Stampede 66 makes their margaritas table side with dry ice, so you not only get a refreshment, but a show to go with it. Nice.

With it’s utterly Texas flair, and charming Texas quotes that play along the walls in a rotating fashion, each patron is bound to leave not only full but fully immersed in a truly Texan way of life. Next time you find yourself looking for some down-home Texas food, with a Dallas spin, check this place out. It will not disappoint.

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