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Holy Guacamole

There are a few Texas staples that cannot be overlooked: the word “y’all”, which can be used in practically any and every sentence appropriately South of the Red River.  Cowboy boots–a fashion statement and a practical work boot, all in one. And, any and all things that have the addition of avocado; tacos, migas, and most common: guacamole. Now, I actually do not (at all) care for avocado, the texture and consistency is a little much for me….but guacamole is something I am coming around to (commence Texas-sized celebration). The addition of tomato and onion for texture and a generous dose of lime and cilantro for a kick of flavor makes avocados a much more appealing concept, while still remaining chalk-full of health benefits (hello, there, omega-3 fatty acids!). There is no recipe that we adhere to for guacamole, but we try to get as creative as possible for added texture and flavor. Basic ingredients include avocado, lime, tomato, onion, cilantro and salt to taste…you also cannot go wrong with garlic. Ever. For my gauc, I like to go heavy on lime and cilantro, and also add something with a little more spice (cayenne pepper, perhaps?). Add some tortilla chips and a Shiner and you have yourself a Texas-approved appetizer!

*Note: If you want the BEST (yes, high-claim) guacamole around, go ask my sister for her recipe. It’s unbeatable.