The Heart of Life

1. Happy March! I know the official start of Spring is still weeks away, but not even a few more chilly days can contain my excitement for this impending season. I love Spring for it’s fresh starts, new beginnings, and beautiful transfomations (could I be any more vague?). But seriously. The entirety of Spring just seems like that moment: that moment when you first get out of bed in the morning, stretch from your toes to your fingertips, and exhale contentedly. Time for a fresh start. Ok, ok, tangent over.

2. But one last thing about March. In what has become in annual challenge to ourselves, Brian and I have decided that each year we are claiming March as our “No Shopping” month. Why? Um, frankly, because it’s good for us to practice self-control. Also, we are in money-saving mode. And lastly, we don’t lack for anything (so thankful!!), and it helps us really determine the hard and fast line between need and want. For instance, we obviously still grocery shop in March, and there are several birthdays we will be celebrating, too. No shopping/buying just applies to our personal wants. Sooooo, here we go.

3. And speaking of birthdays….shout out to my dear friend, Marmie, who is celebrating the big 2-5 today! Happy Birthday Sweet Friend!! (I love this picture of Marmie, myself, Whitney and Natalie. We were roommates while studying abroad in Spain and I can honestly say, some of the best months and memories of my life were spent with these girls). I am also looking forward to celebrating my mother-in-law’s upcoming birthday, and Abbie’s, too! Basically, birthdays are my favorite holiday.

4. Yesterday I worked all day in the Denver airport. So, yeah, there was a LOT of people-watching going on. Does that make me a creeper? I just find people in airports so facinating; I feel people’s true colors come out when they have the burden and stress of travel on thier shoulders. I guess that’s what I get for spending four years of my life pouring over anthropology case studies.

5. Check out my new favorite blog for inspiration. I particulary love the “What to Wear Wednesday” series because I need the help, and seeing an outfit put together always makes it seem much more feasable to my very non-visonary brain.

6. And speaking of not being a visionary (which I so wish I were…) my pratical, yet stylish mother (who has a tremendous eye, especially when it comes to home decor) gave me some very helpful tips regarding my bedroom-redo this week. I am sure Brian would approve of them because her main tip was to keep most of the bedroom the way it is and start small when it comes to changing up the style. So, I took her advice, and bought these curtains to introduce lighter colors that I want in our bedroom. I think they will brighten the whole room and add a fresh and airy look. Plus they were on sale! Win-win.

7. We are spending one last snow-filled weekend in the Mountains with our Colorado Crew. So excited for these last few days on the slopes, and time with some of my favorite people. And ok…maybe a little pumped for this, too.

8. Happy Weekending! Cheers to Friday! xo

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