Oh, What a Night!

There is no one that loves the glamour of the Oscar’s Red Carpet quite like my sister. But I must say, I also enjoy seeing the fashion choices: those that brave a daring look, those that choose to keep it classic, and everyone in between. See a few of my favorite looks from the night below:

One of my favorite looks of the night was the full gowns. I love how Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, and Amy Adams embraced this classic silhouette for a look of simple elegance. Yet, at the same time, each actress put her own spin on the classic lines to make the look unique: Jennifer Lawrence opting for a more fitted gown, Jennifer Aniston creating a multi-dimensional look through the folds of fabric, and Amy Adams using texture to set her gown apart.

I also loved the more fitted gowns that Helen Hunt, Zoe Saldana, and Reece Witherspoon opted for. This is an extremely flattering look on all three, and I love the detail that each dress holds.

Finally, let’s talk embellishments. Halle Berry, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Naomi Watts (wow! love her futuristic look!) embodied Hollywood glamour with just the right amount of flair without being over the top. I love the glitz of each of their looks, and the risks they took. Each star looks beautiful and show-stopping.

What were your favorite picks of the night?

photo cred: {dailycal.org, glamour.com, fashionufeel.com, guardian.co.uk, fashioninmotion.wordpress.com}


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