The Heart of Life

1. There is nothing quite like a weekend at home. On the agenda? Time with friends, perhaps a bike ride or two (weather depending), and good old to-do lists around the house with my favorite guy. Life is good.

2. And speaking of home, Brian and I are beyond excited to welcome some very special visitors to our adopted hometown in March and May and can’t wait to show them all of our favorite things to do in Big D!

3. Is anyone else getting the itch for Spring?! (Hello, Kansas friends–I feel for ya buried under all that snow!) I am ready for some warm sunshine, weekends spent entirely outside–even if just on a patio sipping mimosas (it’s what we do), and the return of some of our favorite activities: road biking, triathlons, and wakeboarding!

4. Check out my new favorite blog to follow here. I basically live vicariously through anyone living in NYC. But also love her down-to-earth, relatable style.

5. Speaking of new favorites, I am considering a bedroom makeover and love this site and this site for their great discounts and broad range of styles offered. But, while I browse for ideas and too-good-to-pass-up sales, I am limiting my makeover to fresh flowers; they make a world of a difference for any room.

6. Remember this race that I just did? Well, it’s officially time to stop recovering and start moving again, because I have this one coming up in just one month. The course map was just released, and I am really excited to be running through my little corner of Dallas for this event–even coming within three blocks of my home!

7. Thinking of trying some of these snacks for my Oscars Watch Party with the family. So looking forward to seeing the fashion on Hollywood’s most glamorous night.

8. Happy Weekending, cheers to Friday! xo



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