Tastes & Travel {Mr. Mesero}

Welcome to Texas, home of the (in)famous Tex-Mex. It seems all the time new restaurants are popping up in Dallas offering similar yet slightly individualized takes on this highly popular cuisine. You won’t find any complaints here. Enter: Mr. Mesero. One of my neighborhoods newest, most enticing, Tex-Mex options. Between the creatively bite-sized nachos (above), the deliciously dangerous margaritas (below), and the bright, festive atmosphere, this place is a must-try for those on the hunt for tasty Tex-Mex.

I spent a night this week with dear friends laughing and catching up over dinner at Mr. Mesero, and was reminded of all the reasons I love Dallas so much (I was surrounded by four of them), and ok…maybe some killer fajitas, too. Here’s to Tex-Mex!

photo cred: {dmagazine.com, the bradsblog.com}


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