Tastes & Travel {Valentine’s Day Edition}

Let’s talk love.

I love love. Of all kinds. I love my family, love my friends, and most especially love my husband. {Shout out to my long-distance Valentine: I love you, B!} And, I mean, what is better than a day celebrating this feeling, virtue, commitment? Commitment. That is an essential quality of love. In this light, love is a decision and includes the attributes of patience, kindness, trust, humbleness, selflessness and forgiveness (read: I Corinthians 13). Love is to be celebrated, and is truly a gift from God.

Ok, ok. End of sappy love talk. Time to talk good food.

I know I’ve sung its praises before, but I must say again, I love La Duni. It is my favorite restaurant in Dallas, and it is also incredibly appropriate (read: candlelit and decorated with roses) for Valentine’s Day.

My favorite dish on the menu is the Carne Asada Arracherra (oh my goodness–so good!) complete with a slice of Venezuelan Rum Cake for dessert. My mouth is officially watering. You’ve got to try this restaurant with its Meditterean flair and deliciously fusion menu.

While my Valentine and I are having a delayed celebration this Saturday, I wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day full of love!

photo cred: {dmagazine.com, 10best.com}


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