New Heights

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a tall girl. And I will never forget the weeks and months (even years) of embarrassment over my height in middle school and early high school. I would slouch constantly, never wanting to feel tall and gangly in comparison to my peers. That all changed my sophomore year when my mom enrolled me in a modeling class. All of the sudden I was around people who were tall and confident with their height. I began to wear high heels. And have not stopped since.

My favorite look this Spring is neutral heels; they can be paired with bright and bold colors, or with understated basics. They are fresh, bright and a perfect alternative to black as lighter colors overtake the wardrobe in the coming weeks and months.

(1) I love this strappy shoe that can be dressed up or down. (2) This classic pump is a must-have for the office. (3) And this glitzy heel adds a little “umph” to any outfit.

Cheers to high heels and new heights!

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