Grilled Cheese {With a Twist}

Raise your hand if you like brussels sprouts. {I have two in the air}

Wait. Don’t check out just yet. These sandwiches are good. Like, really good. And easy. And, at the end of a very long day, who doesn’t want a scrumptious yet simple meal? Um, yes please!

I got the original recipe here, and the only adaptation I made was to substitute manchego for havarti cheese. And if we are being honest here, the only reason I did not use havarti is because while shopping at the store on the phone—oh my goodness, never a good idea!—I could not find havarti, nor could I easily ask for it, soooo I improvised. And it turned out splendidly. But don’t take my word for it, Abbie agreed!

This recipe is the perfect combination of comfort food and deliciousness with the added bonus of a power-punch of flavor (thank you, Balsamic Vinegar); its sure to attract even the most vehement opponent of brussels sprouts.

Are you a convert yet?!


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