The Heart of Life

1. I am overwhelmingly grateful for all of the birthday love I received this week! Thank you all, it means so much.

2. Tomorrow is the big day. The big, 15k day. Eeeeeeek. I am nervous…and excited. But mostly nervous.

3. “Where there is cake, there is love“–the motto of La Duni, my favorite Dallas restaurant. And this could not be more true than it was on Monday night when my sweet husband surprised me by ordering my favorite cake, Venezuelan Rum, when Abbie and I went to dinner for my birthday. Delightful–and delicious–surprise!

4. And speaking of sweet treats, I experienced Trailercakes for the first time this week, thanks to Kristin! Oh my goodness, soooo good. I highly recommend the Cookie Monster cupcake. It’s oreo. Need I say more?

5. I am also incredibly excited to dive in to this entertaining guide, and try out some of the ideas! Also, not gonna lie, I am just super-pumped it’s written by a Middleton sister. Woo! Thank you, Marmie!

6. Today is an exciting day in the Tochman household. After months of deliberation and quotes, we are having our mantle built! I can tell I am an adult now, as this is truly exciting news. Pictures to follow…

7. This weekend, after running nine miles and eating to my heart’s content at brunch afterward, I am very much looking forward to being lazy and finally watching Skyfall. I can’t believe I never caught it in theaters, but have heard great things, and am sooo excited to crash out on the couch and enjoy! Pass the popcorn, please.

8. Wishing you a fantastic weekend with plenty of R&R!


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