The Heart of Life

1. Spending another beautiful weekend in Breckenridge with my family. I can’t get enough of these breathtaking mountains.

2. Ok, so I am majorly crushing on this blog. I love it. Between the content, the fact that they live in Dallas, AND that “they” is two sisters–as close as best friends, just like Abbie and I–makes this my go-to site each morning for a pick-me-up.

3. Happy February, everyone! I am biased towards this month as it holds my birthday, the Superbowl (read: deliciously bad-for-you snacks), and Valentine’s Day.

4. I knooooow, isn’t everyone supposed to roll their eyes at the thought of another “Hallmark Holiday”? But you know what…no. I am not an over-the-top Valentine’s Day celebrater (Brian won’t even be in town for it), but what’s wrong with having a happy holiday? There is so much wrong with the world, I can handle a night full of chocolate and sappy movies every once in a while.

5. There is nothing I love more than a cup of coffee and catch up with my parents. I just love them so.

6. I’ve decided on, and started, my next read. Gone Girl. Oh my goodness, it’s already got me hooked!

7. This week was my sweet and wonderful sister-in-law’s birthday. So excited to celebrate with her this weekend! Happy Birthday, Meredith!

8. This week I posted my very first outfit post…and loved it! I never consider myself a fashionista, but I certainly love fashion and trends. Be looking for many more of these posts in the future!

9. Happy Weekending! I’ll be hitting the slopes (Fresh powder, here I come!!), what are your plans?


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