The Heart of Life

1. It’s been a blissfully mild week in Dallas. And it is just so good to be home. 75 degrees in January is fine with me.

2. We love Whole Foods. And on top of the fresh, delicious and healthy array of food they offer, we’ve also recently discovered their events. I’ve found a Chili Cook-Off coming in February with my name on it!

3. After a particularly rough day yesterday, I did what any girl would do: called my mom. And instead of my mom’s comforting voice, I was surprised and delighted to hear my incredibly sweet niece on the other end of the line. Sweet Saffryn makes every day brighter.

4. This week I had an incredibly helpful consultation with one of my very favorite bloggers about my blog. Be looking for some changes to “The Heart of Life” in the coming weeks!

5. The impending Super Bowl, and the fact that my team {the Pats} will not be playing, have me excited for…the food. This plus this plus this equal Super Bowl perfection to me.

6. Speaking of upcoming “holidays”, can someone pleasssse take advantage of this great Valentine’s Day idea?! I mean, so sweet (and yummy!) sounding, right?!

7. Monday night when Brian and I got home from Colorado, we had a TV mar-a-thon. I mean, whoa. Between catching up on Suits, Modern Family, rounding off the final season of LOST, and trying to tap in to Homeland, I felt a little a lot gluttonous. #couchtime

8. Best moment of the week? Slow dancing barefoot in the kitchen with Brian to “Then“. Life is good.


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