Sweet Southern Comfort

Some days just call for fried food. And when you find yourself having one of those days, Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar provides a deliciously Southern menu to satisfy your craving. Locals and Dallas visitors alike should put this on their “must try” list. Seriously.

With an atmosphere as cozy as the menu, this is an experience for all senses. Everything from the spunky Southern cocktails, to the warm decor, to the familiar scents that take you back to homemade dinners, make this an enjoyable and delicious experience.

The fried chicken comes highly recommended by both my husband and sister, but I prefer the beef short ribs that absolutely fall of the bone, and melt in your mouth. Simply heavenly.

And please, oh please, do not come to this restaurant without ordering a basket of these insanely delicious biscuits with honey butter. Well worth the splurge, I promise.

Any other Southern food in the Dallas area I should try? I am craving comfort.

photo cred: {Dallas News, DFW.com, Tripadvisor}


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