The Heart of Life

1. I am currently at 28,000 feet. And um, I am not going to lie, my fingers are trembling. #turbulence

2. I spent this week in New York with my team. While I don’t frequently travel for work, I feel like I learn so much through these experiences. I learn about our business, our goals, initiatives and challenges, of course, but I also learn a lot about the people I work with. My team hails from all over: everywhere from Miami to Singapore, Memphis to London…and, of course, Dallas. It is a great experience to truly get to know the people behind the email addresses…but, man, is it exhausting!

3. Speaking of New York, you have got to try this burger place. It’s a hole in the wall (in the middle of a beautiful hotel), the best way to experience a burger, yes? And, while you are at it, please oh please get the Oreo Beignets here. Heaven. Seriously.

4. In other work-related news, does ANYONE know how to wear pantyhose without tearing them?! Every. Single. Time. Did I miss the “how-to” course somewhere along the way?

5. Funny story: last year when I was in D.C., my co-worker convinced me to try an oyster. My first. This has suddenly become a team tradition, and now everyone participates in the plea. So, while trying to refuse them this time, another coworker said, “Look at it this way: an oyster tastes like a cough, but better”. Um, yeah, now that sounds really appetizing. But I gave in. Again.

6. I am so excited that Suits is back on. Brian and I love this show for all of its wit, glamour (lifestyles of prominent New York attorneys), and ok, let’s be honest, drama. It’s a little bit of everything wrapped in to one sleek package. Check it out.

7. With all of the travel I have been doing lately, cooking has obviously fallen by the wayside. But, next week, my mini-resolution is to bring my lunch to work every day, and cook at home every night. Feel free to send any quick, easy, and delicious recipes my way…

8. I am so excited to be spending the weekend in my favorite mountain escape with some of my very favorite people. Bring on the snow, the slopes, and the Michigan State crew!


2 thoughts on “The Heart of Life

  1. Tylie

    1: so happy…er jealous of your work travel. Take me next time?!?! Crash and Frog can watch the 3 kiddos.
    2: Super easy and delish recipe…3-4 chicken breasts. 1 can corn w juice. 1 can black beans drained and rinsed. 1 can rotel. 1 pkg ranch dressing seasoning. 1 tsp cumin. 1 tsp chili powder. Salt and pepper to taste. 1 pkg cream cheese. Mix together and throw in crock pot all day. Serve over rice.
    3: Love your blog!


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