When I think of the color green, a few words come to mind: refresh, new (growth), nature, calm, peace and comfort. And in thinking of these words, why would I not want to decorate with this color and have my home be a place that is everything from refreshing to calming to comfortable?? Um, yes please!?

Whether decorating a room where green is a dominant feature, say, the color of your couch or walls, or using it as an accent, I think that this color is a great neutral and a universally pleasing addition to any room. I love the idea of fresh greens displayed on a table, or a bright throw adorning the couch. I think a soft green hue for walls would be incredibly soothing; or a bright green chair whimsical and fun. Here are some green inspirations that I have found and love:

I have added some green in to our home, opting for an accent here and there. I find these touches of green to be cheerful and invigorating to the senses.

And with Spring approaching (some days slower than others…I know, I know, I have lamented dreary January before), there is no better time to add a little greenery in to the home.


One thought on “Greenery

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