The Heart of Life

1. It’s been a rainy week in Dallas, Texas. And rainy days remind me of two things: one, I think rainy is such a cozy type of day; and two, I am glad that I live in Dallas and only experience this cozy–yet dreary–type of day every so often (read: three times a year). And since this is a such rare occurence in Dallas, I took full advantage and wore my rainboots. To work. And yes, I dodged HR all day long. #dresscodeviolation

2. This week, I wrote a post about my favorite color. I’m also in love with a bright, bold red. But my current favorite color to decorate with is green. A post to come on this next week…

3. Brian and I almost finished LOST this week–ONE episode left! This is our second time to watch it through. And, I mean, I have to be honest with you, this show still blows my mind and confuses the heck out of me, even the second go around.

4. What else did we do this week? We finally got our drywall repaired! I know, I know, it really is such a glamorous life we lead.

Froggie oversaw the whole project.

5. In other news I rooted for Bama in the National Championship. I knoooow, so bandwagon. But you know what? They are good at football, and that makes them fun to watch. But let me tell you, next year is the year for the Mustangs; the Spartans; the Longhorns; the Wildcats. Ugh. I’m conflicted.

6. We had an impromptu and utterly delicious date night at Cane Russo this week. Ohmyeverlovingoodness that pizza is fantastic! And do not even get me started on the dessert. Our dessert of choice was the Bella Mela.

Seriously did not disappoint.

7. Next week brings with it another business trip. Oh man. Related: I really think I should start sharing some of the office occurrences I have…they are ridiculous at times. I mean, have you ever been on a completely legitimate conference call where one participant randomly starts playing “Come on, Eileen” in the middle of the call, followed by a Duran Duran song I’ve never heard of?! No? I didn’t think so. Hilton keeps me on my toes, that is for sure!

8. I am spending the weekend in Chicago with one of my very best friends! LCH and I have the best time together and I know this weekend will be no different. Bring on the adventures, but hold the fire ants! (It’s a long story…)

Hidden skyline this am.


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