The Heart of Life

1. Welcome to 2013 and reality. Walking in to the office for the first time felt like walking in to a brick wall. That said, it feels good to get back in to the swing of things. Here’s to starting the year off right!

2. Soup is quite simply essential for me in the winter. And I am just so excited to try this one! And maybe I will wash it down with this dessert/drink….um, yum?!!!

3. I can not explain how excited I am to see this girl next week!

Lauren and I Side note: Remember when we were blonde?!

4. My very thoughtful husband got me a French Press Coffee Maker for Christmas. I love it but I am still struggling with the correct ratio of coffee grounds to boiling water…help?

5. In five short weeks I will be particpating in my very first running race: The Hot Chocolate 15k in Dallas…yikes!

6. Tomorrow I plan to take advantage of the mild Dallas winter by enjoying coffee, sunshine, and the company of a great friend at Klyde Warren Park.


7. My new favorite obsession? Florence + the Machine Pandora. Just love.

8. Want to challenge yourself? Join the Journey.

9. Another resolution of mine? (I know, I know, I have GOT to stop with these….) I really want to read more. Like, a LOT more. First up is Unbroken. Be looking for a book review soon!

10. Can’t wait to get back on the mountain with this kid in a few weeks. #stud

Brian boarding


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