Twenty Thirteen

Last night as the sun set over 1-35, I got an overwhelming sensation of excitement: I was headed home. Brian and I celebrated a wonderful Christmas with my family, followed by an enjoyable New Year’s Eve with his cousin, but there is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home. Even little Froggie started shaking with excitement as we pulled in to our drive.

And that is exactly what 2013 feels like thus far: being home, surrounded by those I love. I am incredibly thankful for the blessings I have in my life: my husband, my family, my career, my home, and this year, I am resolving to remember these blessings; to never take them for granted. Life is short, and in my opinion, should be lived to the fullest. And as I relish the feeling of being home, I can’t help but soak in the comfort of it. Being home is being fully at ease, knowing what to expect, how to relax, being surrounded by all things familiar. I can truly be me.  This brings me to my paramount resolution for 2013. To be myself, to be less worried what others think; in short, to let go of my “people-pleasing” tendencies.

As with many things in life, being concerned about what others think is good, in moderation. But I know this is a downfall of mine. I worry about what others think; I am rattled by the mere thought of conflict or confrontation. And though being sensitive to others is respectable, my concern needs to end there, and not at what they think about me, my decisions, or the way I live my life. I need to remember the feeling of being home, being me, and truly be comfortable in my own skin; the way I am.

So, as I begin this new year appreciating all the comforts of being home, I determine to be more of myself wherever I am: more transparent, more confident in who I am, not in who others would like me to be. And as I share this struggle of mine with you, dear Reader, I am opening this blog up as a tool to help me along this journey. This blog has always been a creative outlet for me; a way to develop my skills as a writer and photographer. But it is also a scrapbook of my life. And like all the adventures, travels, and memories I share, I would like to share struggles and hardships, not only to be transparent and relatable, but also to use as a reminder of God’s faithfulness through them all. It is amazing to see how He answers prayers in ways both expected and unexpected. This year I look forward to many great times, but no doubt many hard ones as well. And as I share both with you through this forum, we will both undoubtedly see how He is faithful through both the good days and the bad. So, here’s to 2013 and all the unknown adventures it will surely bring!


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