The Heart of Life

1. This week Brian and I spent a blustery but snowless Christmas in Kansas with dear family. Dallas had a white Christmas. Go figure.

2. Nothing compares to spending the Holidays with my favorites:

Family timeLove them.

3. We took sharing to a whole new level this Christmas…everyone in the family (minus three) came down with the stomach flu. Someday we will be able to laugh about it….I just don’t think that day is today.

4. Currently working on a list of New Year’s Resolutions. This is not a tradition I typically stick to, but this year I am determined to work on follow through (does that count as one in of itself??).

5. Uncle Brian is a natural:

Brian and ColtAnd is there anything cuter than this little guy?!

6. We took the plunge and started Homeland. Ummm, this show is addictive.

7. Bowl week is definitely one of the best weeks of the year. Excited to cheer on Michigan State and Texas tomorrow! Also, SO PROUD of my Mustangs; hooray for a Christmas Eve victory!

8. Ready to ring in the New Year in beautiful and serene Hilton Head.

Hilton HeadCheers to 2013!


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