The Heart of Life

1. Is there really anywhere better?

Central Park

2. This week while mindlessly riding the elevator at my office at the end of the day, I was informed by a fellow passenger that the “Door Close” button is a placebo. Ummm, ok, Dude. I will believe anything after 5pm.

3. Abbie moved in this week–yeah! And along with the move came several amazing meals at my fave spots in Dallas with my two favorite girls. New obsession?


Tiramisu. The one at Patrizio tastes like McDonald’s pancakes (a big plus in my book)!

4. I am not one for product loyalty. Consistent to my personality, I like to try new things; mix up the routine; avoid a rut at all costs. That said, I cannot find a powder that comes close to this one. I just love love love it and I think I will use it forever.

5. Last year, I posted this on my old blog. Still so relevant to my life, just sayin’.

6. Tonight we are going to Brian’s corporate Christmas party. Tomorrow night we are going on a pub crawl in Tribeca…Santa costume required. Yep, sounds about right. #loveourlife

7. In one short week we will be headed home for Christmas. I truly can not wait! Time with my parents, siblings and adorable niece and nephews can not come soon enough; I love my family. I’m so blessed.

8. Can someone give me an excuse to make these, like, yesterday?! I just want to eat them all up. Yum!


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