The Heart of Life

1. Tonight we are co-hosting an engagement party for our friends Alessandra & Craig. So glad my new guide to entertaining from one of my favorite bloggers arrived just in time to lend me a hand with the party plans.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

2. And speaking of entertaining, there is no better time to start practicing than during the Holiday season. I love everything about domesticity during this festive time of year!

3. Warning: this show is highly addictive. I. can’t. stop. watching. #help

4. Something else I am obsessing over? This dog.


I mean c’mon, tell me that is NOT the sweetest face on Earth?!

5. I have new (renewed?) motivation to check out some workout classes. Running is getting OLD. Any thoughts or suggestions?

6. Snagged these at Target:

merry and bright

Love that one stop shop.

7. I cannot wait to share {what I hope are successful} recipes from tonight’s party! I am in love with the idea of them…now for the execution.

7.5. I desperately need someone to teach me how to mince….pretty sure I almost minced my finger off last night! Ouch!!

8. Planning on two loops around White Rock Lake tomorrow with Brian. #backtobiking #loveourdates

9. Happy Weekending, everyone. Cheers to the most wonderful time of the year!



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