The Heart of Life

1. I would rather do almost anything than experience a plane taking off. But alas, I love to travel; the dichotomy that is my life.

2. And speaking of air travel, the anthropologist in me (yes, that was my major) always has insatiable curiosity about my fellow passengers. What in their life has caused them to be in the same place, headed in the same direction, at the same time as me? It’s so fun to see all different types of people traveling for all different types of reasons.

3. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate lately. I love it!! And I’m sorry, but anything that requires champagne has to be a reason to celebrate, right?! (Read: brunch with mimosas)

4. T- one week until we officially welcome Abbie to The Big D! I. Can’t. Wait.


5. Spending the weekend here. No complaints.


6. Excel and I became frenemies this week. I mean, anyone would that spent THAT much time together. #overit

7. Congratulations to my sweet co-worker, Kristen, on the birth of her son!! Can’t wait to meet James Henry!

8. So, back to that plane ride. Pretty sure “Canon in D” played on my playlist and a tear trickled down my cheek remembering the moment I walked down the aisle to it, towards my groom. Ummm sappy much?! That is why I started reminiscing on this moment instead:cake

Much more delicious, in my opinion.

9. Today makes for a house divided. A Mahoney house that is. Kansas State vs. University of Texas. Yep, we love our college football.


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