Daddy-o, I love you so

Happy Birthday to my Dad!

He is a man of faith, family, integrity and determination. I admire him so much and consider him one of my greatest role models (right alongside my mom).

My very first memory of childhood is sitting beside him watching Monday Night Football, and one of my very favorite memories (ever!) is dancing with him at my wedding last July.

Daddy, I’ll never forget the days of waiting by the door anxiously for you to come home from work each night; the hours you spent holding me while I cried; the moments you spent twirling me around the kitchen; your visits to SMU and London when I was homesick; and all of the amazing opportunities you have given me through the years. You never stop believing in me, pushing me to accomplish my dreams, and encouraging me to never give up. I am so thankful for every quality I possess that resembles you, and will always strive after the example you have set through your unwavering faith, immovable values and strong leadership. I love you more than you will ever know, and can never express the pride I have in being your daughter.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

Love, Your Little Girl


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