The Heart of Life

1. Ohmanohmanohmanohman. I am full. I am thankful. I am listening to Christmas music..still. Again.

2. One week until we are here:

{Breckenridge, Colorado}

3. Three weeks until we are here:

{New York City}

4. Christmas time in the City…is anything better?!

5. Enjoying a relaxing, schedule-free weekend with the Tochman crew. Blessed to have this family time together.

6. In third grade when asked the question what my favorite food was, I immediately answered “pumpkin bread“. That answer has not changed. I just love it.

7. Our first time hosting a holiday looked something like this:

8. Is anyone braving Black Friday?! It’s a mad mad mad mad world out there, people. Best of luck to you!

9. A huge congratulations to these sweet friends who just got ENGAGED! They are the perfect match and I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!


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