My Life in 3D

The world we live in is a funny place. Everything is instant, and everything is online. Gone are the days of walking in to your coworker’s office on Monday morning to hash out the previous weekend. Your coworker already knows what you did. And who you did it with.

Thank you, Facebook.

So long, privacy. Good luck trying to hide that embarrassing photo or take back that unfortunate status update. The world has seen it by now.

But, for every social media site out there, for all that people can see about your life, there is a silver lining. What goes on your Facebook page is your prerogative. Twitter updates, Instagram photos, even this blog, are all forums for me to display what I want the world to see. You don’t know everything about my life; you know what I am willing to share.

And that, my friends, is one a big reason our culture has become so self-absorbed. “It’s all about me, and all about what I can and will share with the world.”

To you, I am one dimensional. I am that photo that has been cropped and edited to make the scene or the people appear more appealing. I am that witty, intellectual, or intriguing status update on Facebook or Twitter. I am even this blog, with its evanescent anecdotes and carefully weighted glimpses in to my life.

But, though needless to state the obvious, my life is comprised of three dimensions. And it can be messy at times. Some days I fight to hold back tears at work. Some days I would rather snooze my alarm than hop out of bed for a workout. Most days I have zero dinner plans and cereal ends up on the menu. My life is not perfect and those closest to me will openly attest to the fact that I am not either.

And in this age of our one-dimensional-social-media existences, to me, all of your lives look perfect from the outside computer screen. How interesting: the dual-existence we all maintain. For me, this realization is not necessarily spurring me on to share more of myself in cyberspace. No. It is a challenge for me to spend more time investing in real relationships. Ones that are face to face; honest and genuine.

Facebook is great. Twitter keeps me updated on the latest and greatest. And I mean, c’mon, who does not love Instagram’ed pictures of FrogDog? But I think the memories I will always hold closest are the ones made on coffee dates, long weekends away, happy hours, nights spent dancing with the best of friends and late night chats, not in front of a computer screen.


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