The Heart of Life

I have decided to start a new blog series. Every Friday. Entitled “The Heart of Life”. It will be a little snapshot of my life, week by week; my thoughts, feelings, anecdotes, and opinions. Get excited.

I have been diving in to the blogosphere a lot more recently, and getting inspired by all different types of blogs/bloggers, from all different walks of life. I love this creative outlet and that I share it with so many fascinating people. Among my favorites–the ones I consider “must-check” daily–are this one, this one, this one, and this one.

Check them out.

And what I love most about all these blogs, is that they have a post they repeat regularly that keeps people engaged and coming back for more. Now it’s my turn! So, without further ado, The Heart of Life:

  1. I think Thursday nights are the best nights of the week. Brian comes home…enough said.
  2. My incredibly sweet mother helped  taught me how to clean my bathroom yesterday. Yes, taught. I am twenty four years old and could not figure out how she always gets every surface in her house to shine. Well, let me tell you, you should see my bathroom now! #domesticated
  3. Brian and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving this year! I am so excited. Nervous. Anxious. Hungry..? (I need some lunch!)
  4. Because it is Friday, I have celebrated:
  5.  Modern Family makes me happy. Way happy. That show just kind of gets life.
  6. I have actually not listened to Christmas music yet. Very out of character for me.
  7. I am working on decorating ideas for my Thanksgiving table and using this as inspiration.
  8. Looking forward to tailgating, er, boulevarding tomorrow. Let the good times, and the big wins, roll!



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