The Second Amendment

On Sunday, Brian took me on a little outing in which we practiced our Second Amendment rights. I should mention that I also practiced my First Amendment right, or, more accurately, did not, as I did not so much say anything as merely cry. Yep, I’m tough.

But back to the Second Amendment. We went to Elm Fork Shooting Sportsand the range was absolutely packed. Everyone seemed to think that Sunday, the day of rest, was the perfect day to go out for a nice afternoon of shooting targets. Welcome to Texas. I got out of the car and was immediately bombarded by a commotion that sounded like cannon fire, though Brian later identified it as a type of gun called a “muzzle-loader”…whatever that means. After putting on ear and eye protection and grabbing the guns and ammunition, we headed down to the range. He started by shooting his 30-06…which physically threw him back every time he pulled the trigger. Um, yeah. Not even going to attempt that one.

Then, we switched it up and he brought out the AR-15. This I shot. After a few tears. And a few meek protests.

And it was not so bad!

I even hit the target. AND got a bull’s eye. Woohoo! After taking several turns at the handgun range with the Glock, we called it a day.

So here is what I have learned about guns:

  • I’m thankful I have the right to bear arms, even though I do it ever so hesitantly(and carefully!).
  • I should never close my eyes while pulling the trigger. Oops.
  • And, the more I know, the more comfortable I am, and the safer I am.

Bearing arms may not be for everyone, but I hope everyone exercises a different right today, the right to vote; to make your voice heard.


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