All Things Apples

Baking and cooking are historically not within my comfort zone. And though I prefer the former to the latter, I do love the way that cooking allows you to tweak and taste your way through a recipe; I am regularly guilty of adapting recipes based on my whims. Sometimes my variations work, and sometimes…well let’s just say I have a running tally of what not to do. But one thing that is consistently becoming more and more true: the more I cook and bake, the more I like to. And the more I develop a comfort zone for the kitchen and ideas for variations that do work.

And one thing I have found in the last year or so, is that I love cooking and baking with apples. This inherently means I love being in the kitchen in the fall. Last year I found an apple pie recipe that is to die for (look for it in a later post), and was a big hit with my family more than once. This year, my friend Alessandra has introduced me to a new blog, How Sweet It Is, and I have found myself perusing delicious looking recipes day in and day out since first learning about the site. Check. It. Out. I love her witty flair and relatable way of balancing life and kitchen.

Side note: After much deliberation about where to start on my ever-growing list of recipes to try from her site, I chose this one. It was delicious; both Brian and I loved it. My one adaption to the recipe was using a pork marinade instead of barbeque sauce which added quite a bit of spice to the flavoring…I consider that “W” for the record. Yay!

But anyway, back to apples. I just love them. And this recipe is going to be my second go-around on the list. How amazing do these look?! I am going to love waking up to one of these on Saturday morning…even though it will be 80 degrees outside. That’s ok. These cozy muffins will make up for the mild temperature. Cheers to apples, fall, baking & cooking!


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