Monday Morning Miracle

Let me start at the beginning.

I have a (relatively) long commute to work. What is actually a mere 12 mile distance, most days, turns in to anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour each way to drive. Gotta love big city living. And of this drive, 80% of it is on one of two major highways—US75 and the Dallas North Tollway. The remaining 20% is on a road called Royal Lane, where traffic moves at a good clip, but is interrupted by multiple stop lights, hindering speed greatly.

And if you are not from Texas, let me just say that traffic moves quick on the highways…and by quick, I mean most days I am doing about 85mph and keeping up with the flow. Yep. That is how we roll.

So, now that the background is set, on with this morning’s miracle. I was on my way to work, and as usual, I was excited for Monday in the office (nerd alert..?). I love getting in bright and early and getting a lot accomplished on Monday morning. It is as if I am setting the tone for the rest of the week, setting the bar of expectation for myself…and I like to set it high.

Anyway, I am on 75 and all of a sudden, I notice my dash lighting up with a dead battery display. That was weird considering I had no issue starting my car. I called Brian and he told me, like so many other things with my car, everything is set on a timer and I probably had nothing to worry about, but he would check it out that night (side note: we found out yesterday that he is in town this week because of Hurricane Sandy…bad for the East Coast, great for us!). I got off on my exit and as I turned on to Royal, my car lost all power. I gunned it as hard as I could, but could not get it past 15mph, so I pulled over and barely made it to the far right lane as it died completely.

And this is the miracle. I had about 10 seconds to react when my car started to give out…a lot less time than it would take to get off the highway, or for someone traveling 85mph behind me to stop or swerve out of the way. If I had not been on Royal, I am 100% sure I would have been in a very serious car accident. I am so thankful for the timing of the breakdown, but I do not think it was coincidental. I think God was protecting me. And for as many things that went wrong this morning (the breakdown, the tow truck taking almost 2 hours, the car not having a tow hook, and the potential/substantial cost involved in repair), two major things went right: against the odds, I broke down in the absolute safest place possible, and way against the odds, my husband was in town to come help me with traffic control (as I was blocking a dangerous lane…immediately following a turn), and the towing/repairs.

So, I thank God for my Monday morning miracle, and I am also praying for one for everyone in the Northeast today.


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