My Perfect Day

Last night Brian sent me this article. It rang so true to me; I guess that guy knows me pretty well…

It’s strange, coming off a week in paradise, to realize and admit that I am happiest right where I am: at home. I love adventures, spontaneity, and mixing up my routine, but there is something so sweet about my daily life; my friends, family, Frog and yes, even job…that make me just utterly thankful for the life I have and live day-to-day. I love waking up to Brian calling me each morning, and having that first sip of coffee as I ease my way in to a new day. I love finding new songs on my Pandora on the drive to work, and obsessively replaying them all day long in the office. Calling my mom for a quick hello; stepping in to my boss’s office to catch up on expectations for the day ahead. Going for a long run to decompress after the day, and cooking some pasta to have with a glass of wine as I relax at home.

There is nothing extraordinary about my daily life, and it is definitely less than ideal as my husband is traveling for most of the week. But I am so thankful for my life. I love where I live, and the house that is now my home.  I love that I can relate to my coworkers on a professional and personal level; I love that each day is different at work, and my responsibilities and projects keep me on my toes. I love challenging myself in a workout, and I love challenging myself to continue learning and growing, especially in my faith. I love seeing friends for dinner and drinks, and the many laughs and honest conversations we share. I even enjoy cooking and cleaning, from time to time, and knowing that I am helping Brian as I “hold down the fort” in Dallas.

I love vacations, and I love to travel. I love time away, and spending much more time with Brian than I usually do. But stepping away from the day-to-day only makes it all the more apparent that life is good, and I am truly blessed to have the one I lead.


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