The DL on ACL

What. a. weekend.

We’ve spent the last forty-eight hours in Austin, Texas living la vida hippie at Austin City Limits. It was so much fun! Even with pouring rain, a bout of heat stroke (oopsies) and missing the big headliners on Sunday, we had a blast and I would recommend it to anyone who loves music…and/or people watching!


Austin is one of my absolute favorite cities. It has so much to offer; ACL is just the beginning of all the adventures you can have in just one weekend in this city. And while exploring our way around this weekend, our favorite mode of transportation was the pedicabs! This Austin original involves extremely friendly locals who bike you around the city in a little two-seat cab attached to the back of their bike. It’s a green and fun way to travel–highly recommend it.


On our way to the Festival in our pedicab.

Austin also offers a large variety of good new favorite being the Mighty Cone food truck–delicious!!

Add some great bands to the mix and it added up to a fantastic weekend with fun friends! Here’s to next year’s ACL festival and all of the sights, sounds, and tastes of Austin to go with it!



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