Rainy Day Race

Yesterday, Brian and I completed our third sprint triathlon…and despite the odds, we had a LOT of fun!

We raced the Stonebridge Ranch Triathlon and both exceeded our expectations despite the weather (it was 65 degrees and pouring rain prior at the start) and our lack of training (yeah, ummm, that did not happen at ALL). It was a fairly challenging course with lots of hills (and lots of puddles), but entertaining for sure—I especially enjoyed the run!

I think what I love about triathlons is the people who participate in them. Everyone is out there giving it their all and at the same time, cheering one another on. Though it is an individual sport and there are hundreds of racers at each triathlon, I genuinely feel as though I am part of a team. To me it is the perfect balance of healthy competition and individual determination. I love it!!

But I have to say, my hands-down favorite part of racing in these events is doing it with Brian. Not only is it a fun pastime for us to share, but he makes the actual race SO much more entertaining for me! In this particular race, we saw each other twice—once on the bike, and once on the run, and both times he high-fived me, gave me lots of encouragement and praise, and generally just made me smile/laugh at his happy-go-lucky approach to the entire race. He never takes it too seriously–he is out there to have fun—which is exactly what he does. And I am more than happy to follow his lead with this goal. That said, he did AWESOME, and I am so proud of his strong  5th place finish! Way to go, Bri!!

And I would be remiss to not thank the best cheerleaders EVER, my mom and dad, who braved the weather, early morning and muddy mess of a race to come cheer on Team Tochman. They were great sports about the entire event and did an awesome job navigating the course to be able to cheer us both on at our transitions. I love them so much and am so, so happy that they could be there!

 Lining up to begin the race.

 Brian running to Transition after finishing the swim

 Muddy, muddy mess…but oh so fun!

 This smile is deceiving…that swim was rough!

 Ready to roll, first race with clip-ins went really well!

 My Dad running alongside…seriously LOVED having my parents there!

We did it!!! 2nd place in my age group, 5th place in his! Best part? As I turned the last corner on my run, Brian was there to race alongside pushing me to finish stong…I LOVE my husband!

Daddy’s little girl!

Best cheerleaders ever. Love them!

I am already looking forward to the 2013 triathlon season and the new challenges it will bring! I have been so excited to place in both races this year for my age group, but will be bumping up to the next age group next year which, if this year’s races are any indication, is a much more competitive group. Bring on the challenge…and hopefully some training to go with it!


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