“Slow Down, Teddy”

This is a phrase I hear with much frequency from Brian.

And I must say, I am very thankful for my husband’s patient nature as it is often tested by my impetuous one. Yesterday, we both completed a personality test and as expected, we differ greatly from one another in personality and approach to life. I am a “Champion” while Brian is a “Supervisor”, according to the Keirsey Personality Test, and when I read the description of each, I was astounded at how accurate it was for each of us. My life is constantly off kilter and I thrive trying to juggle it; exercising my imagination; determining the ideal outcome of any given scenario. In other words, “practical” and “rational” are not words I would use to describe how I operate. Brian, on the other hand, is all things practical, and the way he functions simply makes sense. He is efficient and responsible…and so good for me. I can be spontaneous and impulsive, and he draws me back to reality. And I would have to ask him but my hope is that I am good for him, too, and help him to dream; to let go at times.

In any case, as he often reminds me, I need to slow down. I am always making quick decisions (in fact, I pride myself on being decisive), but sometimes these quick decisions are rash, and end up hurting more than helping any given situation. I would like to think that I am learning and making progress on this front, and sometimes I really think I am. Other times, I realize all too clearly that I have a long way to go. But, like I said, I am thankful for Brian’s patience and his utterly contrasting personality, as it sets the tone for my growth as an individual, a professional, a wife. I am so happy I did not marry someone just like me. I love that Brian and I see the world through such different perspectives, but can simultaneously appreciate and begin to understand it through the others’ lens as well. So, here’s to practical spontaneity and the best of us both!


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