On the Menu

This week time with my husband is on the menu. Brian is working from home, and I just love every minute!

We have been obsessively (re)watching LOST…an embarrassing amount of episodes each night, organizing/ridding our house of clutter, and accomplishing items on our to-do list such as changing the oil in our cars (yes, I did help with mine…I actually enjoy working on my car alongside Brian).

And one thing he has been doing (completely spoiling me) is making me dinner every night! Last night he made Crock Pot Orange Chicken which was delicious, and tonight he is making Rattlesnake Bites. I am one lucky girl!

How good does this look?!

His practical side refuses to let me help as I am at the office and he is home all day and can have dinner ready when I show up. Rough life, I know. But in all seriousness, I am thankful for a husband that does so much for me…and with me. I am sure dinner will be delicious tonight…but I know I’ll love the company more!


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