Breck Time

I love the Mountains. And after a long, hot summer in Dallas, a trip to Breckenridge was the perfect way to kick off my favorite time of year….fall/football season!

Brian and I spent this long weekend in the mountains with his parents, my brother Mike, and our dear friends Kris and Lindsey. We had so much fun! From taking the gondola up to Peak 8 for Pete’s first ride down the Alpine Slide, to afternoons wandering through downtown Breck and Vail, the weekend was relaxing and refreshing…just what I was hoping for!

We also were able to watch a lot of football, and were especially happy to cheer the Spartans on to their first win of the season…Go Green!

But I think my highlights were the long talks and time catching up with both family and friends. I love weekends like this without a strong agenda or sense of urgency. It was fun to just hang out, and that is exactly what we did.

I would be remiss, however, to not mention the mountain biking. Brian had planned all along to take to the trails over the weekend, but I was a little unsure leading up to the trip. At the last minute, however, I decided to join him, Pete, and Mike on the trail and absolutely loved every minute of the adventure! It was tough—mentally and physically– but well worth it. This is definitely my new favorite sport…and coupled with spectacular scenery, you really can’t beat this as a way to spend a day in the mountains! Brian and I went again with Kris and Lindsey one afternoon and again, had so much fun…despite a tumble or two.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I am so thankful for the time I had with everyone in our mountain oasis. Here’s to more fun times with Tochmans, Sherrys, and Mahoneys in the coming months!


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