August 28th, 2009

I will never forget meeting Brian a short three years ago. It was not a magical moment; there were not stars in my eyes nor dramatic movie worthy emotions playing in my heart and stomach. I had no idea that my world had completely flipped on its axis and had suddenly changed forever.

But I am so glad it did.

My roommate and I had just moved in to the sorority house (oh how young we were!) for our senior year of college–I was so excited to catch up with friends and celebrate our last and best year at SMU together. And on the day we moved in, across town, two guys she had met at her internship that summer were doing the same. She coordinated dinner plans with them for that night (after a long, HOT day of moving) and I agreed to go with her and meet these guys. We met them at their apartment and after taking in their spectacular view of the Dallas skyline, we headed to Mattito’s for dinner and drinks.

Brian and I spent the entire dinner talking back and forth with hardly a break between the two of us. We bantered easily and bonded over our mutual love of mornings, European travels, and rock climbing adventures. It was a delightful night and I enjoyed his company. That said, I walked away from dinner without a thought of ever seeing him again.

I was wrong.

My roommate, again, coordinated a movie outing just a week later, and that night he asked for my number. The rest is history.


Our first picture together, at an SMU football game.

Brian came home to meet my family over Thanksgiving.

Brian and I’s relationship from that point on mirrored our personalities. We are both decisive and impulsive; adventurous and risk takers (him much more so than I). And we instantly clicked. We did everything together, and still do, and I am so thankful for the equal parts laughter and adventure we share as we live our lives together. Our relationship has changed and developed in the past few years and there is no doubt it will continue to do so, but I thank God every day for the amazing man by my side, and for the day three years ago that he walked in to my life.

 The day we got engaged!

I love you Brian, here’s to many more years of dating, adventures, laughter and love.


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