Back to School

Oh man do I miss school! If it were not for tests, pop quizzes, and homework I would go back in a heartbeat. I loved school all the way through: from elementary to middle school, high school to college. I loved learning and being challenged and I especially loved being with my friends. In high school I would drive Abbie to school and I used to beg her to hurry up getting ready so I could get to school in time to catch up with friends before classes started (seeing as how so much had happened in the 12 hours since I had last been with them…). Now I look back and laugh (as I am sure my mom does, too) at what was my ridiculous perspective on life. But, nevertheless, life was simple and sweet when I was in school.

 First day of Second Grade in Philadelphia. First day of my senior year (gotta love uniforms!) in Wichita.

Some of my favorite school day memories include back to school shopping (I loved getting new supplies and getting organized the night before the first day). I remember the days of recess and tag, gym classes and art classes, cheer tryouts, lunch room banter, and of course, field trips. I remember the days of taking the bus with Abbie, and the very first day I drove myself to school. I loved counting the days to summer break, and would always equally anticipate the first day back and seeing everyone I had missed. As we moved quite a bit growing up, I remember all of the first days I had at new schools, how nerve-wracking and exciting it would be. I loved Homecoming and Prom, pledging my sorority, and studying abroad. On an intellectual level, I always did love papers, projects and my Spanish classes. I loved classroom debates and could listen to lectures on history for hours on end. I enjoyed literature and even algebra…to an extent. Statistics was interesting and applicable; biology was a fun hands-on class for me.

I am thankful for all the opportunities I had as a student, and (if the list of memories above is any indication) for all of the friendships I developed and kept through all my years in schools across the country. I loved school. I am also extremely thankful to my parents who not only facilitated my education, but were great encouragers and hugely helpful along the way. They would spend hours helping me with any given project, paper, or math assignment. And not only did they help me, they encouraged me to think pragmatically and taught me how to find the answers on my own. They instilled a strong work ethic along with good time management and study habits, and I know I would not have been successful were it not for their  example in these areas. I will always be thankful for their gift of my education.


Love my girls.

Loved celebrating with him!

My parents who were there, every step of the way.

So, here’s to the class of 2016 at SMU, at Trinity, at any school—take these years and live them up! They go faster than you know….


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