Home Improvement

I am in an (extremely) rare “nesting” mood. My ultimate goal is to capitalize on this newfound determination by painting our starkly white walls. But, as I have often learned, my impulsive and decisive nature being what it is, I should start small and work my way up to the big projects. So here is my to-do list to hopefully be accomplished before Brian gets home this week:

  1. Hang our family portraits in the hallway (What better way to start the day than seeing my adorable niece and nephew playing on the beach?!)
  2. Figure out/make a new table centerpiece (this website is a great resource)
  3. Start looking at paint samples (I am thinking neutral shades of taupe)
  4. And finally, I want to make a chalkboard frame to hang in the kitchen (see below)

I think this would be perfect for grocery lists!

I realize none of these items are extraordinarily hard to accomplish, but for someone who is neither particularly creative nor handy, this is a start. And I am ready for the challenge!


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