Walking the Walk

One of the mantras of Brian and I’s marriage thus far is “We need to save”. We are similar in our impulsive tendencies and have tried very hard to keep each other in check as far as our spending habits are concerned. For instance, it is very easy for me to tell Brian that we don’t, in fact, need a BMW M3 Convertible as fun as they might seem; just as it is rather guileless for Brian to inform me that “one more dress” is not needed to complete my wardrobe. And so the dance of balance and compromise ensues.

Truthfully, it does not my bother me that we “check and balance” each other out; we both feel much better about purchases that we have agreed upon together as a team. But, we have recently decided to take our savings to the “next level”, if you will. We have started evaluating our monthly expenses, and have realized there is definite room for improvement therein. Last week, I made the decision to start running outside in lieu  of my over-priced gym membership, and this morning, Brian officially cancelled our cable. No more TV for us.

And while both of these decisions can be considered sacrifices, I am actually invigorated by both. First, the weather is (hopefully) going to start changing for the better soon, and I look forward to fresh, brisk air filling my lungs as opposed to that of the gym. And secondly, Brian and I have both determined as of late we need to read more; to challenge our minds. And what better way than to turn the TV off? Not watching TV frees us up to read, play with Froggie or get house projects done—all of which sound like viable and motivating activities to me. And so,  it is time for us to walk the walk. To not just say we are going to save, but to actually do so. I am honestly looking forward to the benefits that these two sacrifices will bring, as well as to finding more ways to save… and to spend wisely. Cheers to saving!


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