Big Brothers

Dear Pierce,

It was not long ago that your big sister, Saffryn, was greeting you
Welcoming you in to her world and home; everything that she knew
She was curious, caring and always ready to help in any way she could
And even to this day, if you asked her to help you, you know that she would

And soon you will be welcoming your baby brother just the same
A new friend, a new roommate, your world will completely change
I look forward to seeing all the laughter and adventures you will share
And I have no doubt that you will show him how much you truly care

It was not long ago that your Daddy was where you are, you see
He was just a little boy when I came in to his world so suddenly
He was a great big brother from the start, and always had time to play
He was always there, protecting me, even when I had gone astray
He was the one who prayed with me, when I first talked to God
And even to this day, His strong faith is such a rock
I look up to him so much, I know this will always be the case
I thank God for the blessing he is, and always has been to me, since that very first day

Big Brothers are a special sort, I have two I could not live without
And an awesome one you will be, of this I have no doubt


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