Missing Mom

I am an adult. I am married; I have a full-time job, a dog, a house, bills and a life in Dallas. But somedays…oh man. Somedays, I just miss my Mom.

My mom is as wise as she is kind. She is a constant encouragement and an amazing listener. She cares about each of my problems–big and small alike,  and knows the perfect balance between bestowing empathy and a good dose of perspective on any given situation.

I have so many amazing memories with my mom including a long weekend in London, many, many trips to Dallas and one to Cleveland, road trips to Colorado and weathering a pretty epic tropical storm in Hilton Head…just the two of us.

But I think one of my favorite memories is the routine she and I shared while I was in high school. By my sophomore year of high school, Mike and Dan were both in college away from home, and Abbie, a very serious swimmer, went to practice both before and after school each day (side note: what a stud!). This left me.  Each morning, after my Mom had gotten up to take Abbie to practice, she would come home and have “coffee” with me as I ate my cereal. What this really meant was she would drink coffee, and I would sip milk out of a coffee mug. My penchant for coffee would not come until much later and this silly habit was a long-standing tradition between us (this is still one of my favorite things to do with my mom…except I am now actually drinking coffee, haha!). We would sit and talk and she would help me with any last-minute questions I had on an assignment. Then, after school, I would come home and with my typical flair of ridiculousness, dramatically recount the day’s (un)eventful happenings to my ever-so-patient and indulging mother. She would listen intently and offer the appropriate support, encouragement, or simple hug. Every event I deemed life-altering suddenly seemed manageable after talking it through with my mom. She always knew what to say and what to do. She still does.  And after retelling my day, I would have a plate of nachos (literally, everyday), and sit on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls. If my mom was not too busy making dinner, running errands or attending a meeting, she would sit with me and enjoy the show.  And this was our time.

I had chores and responsibilities, homework and cheer practice, sure. But this was my time with my mom and I never wanted to trade it for anything. And now there are many days where I wish I could drive home from work in to her welcoming arms. I miss my mom. And I am so thankful for the example she is to me. It is so fun, now that I am a wife, to talk with her and be able to gain much-needed advice from her as I learn how to be married; how to be a good wife. Our relationship develops and changes in accordance with each life stage, but from the time I was very young, my mom was one of my biggest role models, and one of my best friends…and that, I know, will never change.



One thought on “Missing Mom

  1. Tylie

    Not to be the ultimate discourager but as life continues your longing for your mom only increases! Trust me I call both my mom and your mom on a constant basis!!! LOL! But speaking from a mom’s perspective there is nothing sweeter than your little girl wanting and needing some time and attention from you! Hugs!


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