The List

I have been thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions a lot lately…no, don’t check your calendar. I know it is July. And I actually did not even make a formal “List” in December as the Season of Resolution approached. Yet, here I am, mid-July in hot and sunny Texas wistfully day-dreaming about things I would like to do, accomplish, see, hear, taste…etc.

So I’ve decided to make a list after all. Nearly 7 months late…but who is to say what the due date is? Maybe it’s not December 31st, maybe it is more of a “Bucket List”. Either way, I am writing it now (in no particular order):

  1. Get back in to “playing” my guitar. And the quotations are intentional as I first must learn how to play, before I can actually play….ok, moving on.
  2. Practice my Spanish. Brian and I are discussing an adventure to South America this winter…and I would love to be the translator along the way. What motivation!
  3. Read more…at least 2-3 books a month. Totally doable, and I have so many I would love to read…I just need to DO it.
  4. Visit some of my favorite people in Colorado (M&M, my Grandma, Aunt, cousin, and of course, the Sherrys)
  5. Get creative in the kitchen. I can cook…but I would love to have a handful of great go-to recipes for those  (many) nights that I do not feel like cooking.
  6. Continue training for triathlons…I do enjoy this sport, and how it mixes up the workout routine for me. I would love to do an Olympic Distance tri  soon.
  7. Get a best time.
  8. Read through the Old Testament.
  9. Plan a Boston trip.
  10. Get a promotion.
  11. Travel to South America (see: #2, also see any picture/description of Chili)
  12. Travel to Africa (ideally on a Missions assignment)
  13. Visit my new nephew (making his debut August/September!!)
  14. Skydive…yep, still a goal
  15. Go to this seminar
  16. ACL…first timer. so excited. going to happen.
  17. Ski…a lot, again this year. Bonus: lots of QT with one of my favorite couples (see #4: The Sherrys)
  18. Volunteer at Genesis Women’s Shelter.
  19. Journal more…some thoughts just are not meant to be shared (see: “I Write” to know how much I love to write)
  20. Cook my very first Thanksgiving dinner….A Tochman Thanksgiving in Dallas this year!
  21. Rock climb more
  22. Wakeboard more.
  23. Take some dance classes.
  24. Learn my way around our 35mm camera.
  25. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  26. Go to some SMU games this fall
  27. Go to a Michigan State game.
  28. Go to a Texas game.
  29. Go to the Dallas Symphony.
  30. Visit the new Natural History Museum.
  31. Try all things fried at the State Fair.
  32. Finish this Beth Moore study that I have started.
  33. Do this zip line in Hawaii.
  34. Try snowboarding.
  35. Go on a tour of Cowboys Stadium…when in Dallas…
  36. Take Froggie on more walks & trips to the Dog Park
  37. Be better/more vigilant about saving.
  38. Join a sand volleyball team/summer league.
  39. Call my Grandparents more often.

This is just a start. But I am such an advocate of check lists that I am excited and ready to start checking this one off, one by one. Ready, set, live!


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