Pure Michigan

This past weekend Brian and I went to Michigan to visit his family and to celebrate a close family friend’s 50th birthday. We had so much fun!!

A couple of things I always love about our time in Michigan:

Brian completely reverts back to his “Lake Dude” days. This moniker was given to him by all of his friends on Lake Somerset because he absolutely lived in the water back in the day. It’s his favorite place to be, even now. I also love spending time with my in-laws; we inevitably laugh a lot, and always have a great time! The rolling green hills, the pristine blue skies, beautiful lakes all around, and everything to do with Michigan State make every trip to Michigan worthwhile. It’s beautiful country…the very heart of America.

This trip was no different. We had so much fun and packed a very full weekend! On Friday we drove up to East Lansing to grab lunch with Kristen and adorable baby Mia, and managed a quick tour of the beautiful MSU campus, too. I loved catching up with her, and giving Mia lots of kisses…and I am so glad we got to spend the afternoon with them.

Saying hello to our favorite Spartan.

We also wanted to spend as much time as possible on the Lake…mission accomplished. My goal for the weekend was to learn to wakeboard, and with the help of my very skilled husband and my father-in-law as a driver…I did just that! I was SO excited, and am extremely addicted now! Time to start saving for a boat and a board, because this is my new favorite thing to do. I got up and around, and can’t wait to (hopefully) start doing flips like Brian!! I am so impressed with how easy he makes it look.

 I love watching him!

We also celebrated Tom’s birthday with a  huge bash at his lake house…thanks to his oh-so-fun, party planning wife, Lucky. Between the band, barbeque, stocked bar, and beautiful night, we had so much fun, and loved hanging out with some of our favorite friends on the Lake…(to them, I am Mrs. Lake Dude)!

 My in-laws…the life of the party!


I love Lake Dude!

Our ride for the weekend. Of course, it’s a Ford. We were in Michigan, after all!

Cruising on the pontoon.

No trip to the Lake would be complete without several visits to Freddie’s for Grasshopper Flurrys, and Blueberry Slushes. It’s the little things in life.

I loved our weekend; our time with family and each other. I love going to Brian’s hometown and seeing a slice of his childhood. Everything from our annual trips to Freddie’s Freeze, to our late nights on “The Island”. Pontoon rides at sunset, driving around the countryside, visiting Frog Congress, and day dreaming about living on the Lake.  My favorite part, however, is seeing his parents. I am beyond thankful for the relationship he has with his parents; how close they are…AND the relationship I have developed with them. I absolutely love my time spent with them, learn so much from them, and truly enjoy our talks, our laughter and all of our time together!  Bring on our next Tochman adventure in Colorado!!


One thought on “Pure Michigan

  1. Tylie

    Im so impressed! Way to learn how to wake board!!! I loved your long dress…so beautiful. And baby Mia is so cute! What a fun weekend!


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